International Youth Deliberation on Energy Futures

What can happen when youth from all over the world get together to think collectively about energy?

The International Youth Deliberation on Energy Futures project synthesizes the voices of hundreds of youth in grades 10-12 from every continent, connecting them online in a rigorous, research based learning environment. Through weekly virtual meetings, an online virtual classroom and global video conferences, high school students will share their research, examine commonalities and differences in standpoints and experiences, and identify future actions and research that are needed for energy transition in their diverse contexts.

At the conclusion of the process, student representatives from each school will meet at an International Writer’s Retreat to synthesize the ideas of their peers into a policy paper that will be presented at a major international conference on climate change. 


For more information on global youth education initiatives organized by the Global Citizenship Education and Research Centre, see

Project supported by the Transition in Energy, Culture and Society (TECS) research project and Just Powers.