Danika Jorgensen-Skakum

Research Coordinator; Independent Scholar

July 2018-August 2019

Danika Jorgensen-Skakum graduated from the Gender and Social Justice MA program at the University of Alberta in Winter 2018. Her research interests include human relationships to human and non-human death in the context of the Anthropocene. She is particularly fascinated by cultural representations of (de)composition, soil-(re)making, and the otherwise dirty details of what it means to live and die as kin on a suffering planet. Along with PhD student Jessie Beier, Danika facilitates climate change dinner parties—research-creation projects designed to provoke thoughtful consumption and time-oriented eating practices. In former lives, Danika has been a feminist radio show host, a march/protest/and counter-protest organizer, and a collaborator in Housing First programs.