FluxKit For Energy Transition 2022

Visit the FluxKit website here! In November 2022, the Speculative Energy Futures team will showcase and animate the FluxKit for Energy Transition in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where they will be the first visiting artists-in-residence at SQUARE – the University of St. Gallen’s new interdisciplinary space dedicated to fostering dialogue between science, society, business, politics, and culture. During […]

Activating Care, Shifting Relations

Activating Care, Shifting Relations is an interdisciplinary collaboratory for intersectionally feminist research. The work of this group privileges affective relations and relational praxis intended as interventions. What does it mean to live and work and die at this particular historical moment? Our current moment is defined by the convergence of crises–both catastrophic and those slowly […]

Feminist Solarities: After Oil School

In May of 2019, the Feminist Solarities Workshop Group gathered together at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal to explore the idea of feminist solarities. The workshop was organized as part of After Oil School 2 (AO2), organized by the Petrocultures Research Group and the Grierson Chair in Communication Studies, which brought together 70 […]

Climate Justice, Technoecologies and Alternative Energy Futures

Activists, artists and scholars attended the Czech Academy of Science and Charles University in Prague from September 23-24, 2019, to organize collaboratively around being-in-common in times of climate crisis, focusing especially on Canadian and Central European perspectives on energy transition and climate justice. Participants were asked to consider: What are alternatives to technological fixes that […]

International Youth Deliberation on Energy Futures

In 2019-2020, the International Youth Deliberation on Energy Futures project synthesized the voices of hundreds of youth in grades 10-12 from 22 schools in 18 countries, connecting them online in a rigorous, research based learning environment. Through weekly virtual meetings, an online virtual classroom, and global video conferences, high school students shared their research, examined […]

Printmaking in the Anthropocene

Printmaking in the Anthropocene: Visual Research from the University of Alberta reflects some of the visual thinking taking place around issues of climate change and environmentalism. The exhibition Printmaking in the Anthropocene: Visual Research from the University of Alberta was co-organized by Joan Greer and Sean Caulfield and curated by Joan Greer as part of a broader initiative […]

Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition Game

Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition is a role-playing game, designed by Sourayan Mookerjea, that enables players to explore the cultural and class politics of energy transition in Canada. This interactive game provides an opportunity to examine gamification as an instrument of spectacular participation. Ideally played in groups, Perfect Storm players assume avatar roles and respond […]

Deep Energy Literacy Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Sheena Wilson, the Deep Energy Literacy Podcast brings people together to read, discuss and share research and projects that grapple with the complex issue of energy transition today. This podcast is focused on developing deep energy literacy, an analytical lens that starts from the premise that given the overwhelming nature of today’s […]

Feminist Energy Futures

Feminists of all genders and backgrounds have been—and still are—at the head of environmental social justice activism in Canada and around the world. Many feminist environmental leaders are women of colour and Indigenous women, whose work and politics link issues of race, class, gender, ability and equity, with (de)colonial pasts, presents and futures. These diverse […]


iDoc is an intermedia documentary project tracking energy-transition research, discussions, and developments in Alberta, Canada, and beyond. In a series of over 100 interviews with scholars, policy makers, activists, and community members, iDoc records, archives and shares ideas and conversations about current and future energy systems. Coming Soon! In 2022 the entire iDoc project will […]