Sustainable Housing, Sustainable Community: Edmonton’s North Glenora Housing Project

Sustainable Housing, Sustainable Community focuses on understanding various aspects of contemporary housing in urban areas, particularly the material and social aspects of sustainability in the North Glenora affordable townhomes, which are now home to 16 refugee families. Built on land that previously housed Westmount Presbyterian’s large aging church, the housing project also included the tear […]

La Cité Résiliente: A Decade in Transition

La Cité Résiliente: A Decade in Transition is a bilingual community-based energy transition project which responds directly to the City of Edmonton’s materials on climate resiliency, imagining the possibilities and opportunities for community engagement alongside climate change. Hear from some of the team and learn more about the project in a special two-part series of the […]

Feminist Energy Futures

Feminists of all genders and backgrounds have been—and still are—at the head of environmental social justice activism in Canada and around the world. Many feminist environmental leaders are women of colour and Indigenous women, whose work and politics link issues of race, class, gender, ability and equity, with (de)colonial pasts, presents and futures. These diverse […]

Speculative Energy Futures

Speculative Energy Futures uses arts-based practices to imagine alternative futures. We bring together scholarly inquiry and creative processes to explore diverse perspectives on the topic of energy transition, so we can re-imagine energy futures beyond what we currently understand to be possible. Speculative Energy Futures is a collaborative, multi-year research-creation project, started in 2017, that […]