Petrocultures: Day Three

Our first workshop is complete! We were thrilled to share an introduction to Just Powers with the Petrocultures community, and to engage in some rousing discussion afterward. After some more last-minute edits, we are ready to go for our final two today: 900 to 1015 — Art, Ecology, Energy and Speculative Energy Futures, again in […]

Petrocultures: Day Two

A day of preparation! As a team, we were very busy attending conference presentations and running through final edits for our upcoming presentations. You’ll be able to connect with us today from 1315 to 1430 in the Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre for our session: Just Powers: Energy. Feminism. Decolonized Futures. (Dr. Sheena Wilson, Dr. Natalie […]

Petrocultures: Day One

We are writing to you now from the UK! Having all arrived safely in Glasgow, the Just Powers team was very excited to attend the first day of Petrocultures 2018: Transitions. Laura Watts, a poet, artist, and ethnographer from the University of Edinburgh, gave the Keynote Address, “Beside the Ocean of Energy Future Time.” Dividing […]

Just Living Together for Just Powers

What do you get when you place a bunch of academic-type folks together in a small living space with shared rooms? Some of the Just Powers team are about to find out! At the end of August, 11 of our researchers and affiliates will learn to live together—sharing kitchen space while sharing ideas, papers, art, […]

Hello There!

At Just Powers, we have dreams. Imaginings. Thoughts. Inklings. Provocations. Inspirations. Wishes. Questions. Archives. Findings. We realized that we want something more…we want to communicate with you in a different way! We want to give you easier access to our iDoc footage, we want to introduce ourselves, and we want to keep you up-to-date about […]