Diana Steinhauer


Dr. Diana Steinhauer, Cree, from Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Treaty No. 6 Territory, is an educator with experience in teaching, curriculum development, and administration in K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions. Most importantly, she is a mother and first teacher of her two children. She is grateful to Elders and Knowledge Keepers who have guided and mentored her in Indigenous Knowledge and ways of being as a kise iskwewi. Recognizing the value and work of iyiniw pimātisiwin (the original peoples’ ways of life), Diana’s work in nehiyawewin, nehiyawiwin, ekwa iyiniw paminisowin, Cree language, education, and self determination is grounded upon her late father’s adage, pimātisîtotetân kimiyikowisiwininaw, which means, ‘Let us live life the way our Creator intended us to live’.