Just Powers Podcast

Energy Imaginaries—S1E5

In this episode we will be reading Sheena Wilson’s 2018 article titled “Energy Imaginaries: Feminist and Decolonial Futures,” which can be found in Materialism and the Critique of Energy, edited by Brent Ryan Bellamy and Jeff Diamanti. Materialism and the Critique of Energy brings together twenty-one theorists working in a range of traditions to conceive… Read more

In Catastrophic Times—S1E4

This Read & Record episode features a selection of chapters from Isabelle Stengers’ 2015 book In catastrophic times: Resisting the coming barbarism. The book was translated from French to English by Andrew Goffey and published by Open Humanities Press in 2015. In Catastrophic Times offers a welcome intervention into the current state of global political… Read more

Indigenous Women and Knowledge—S1E3

In this episode we will be reading “Indigenous Women and Knowledge” by Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez & Nathalie Kermoal. This text is featured in Living on the Land. Indigenous Women’s Understanding of Place, also edited by Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez & Nathalie Kermoal and published through Athabasca University Press in 2016. Living on the Land examines how patriarchy, gender,… Read more

Against Purity—S1E2

This episode features a ‘Read + Record’ of the introductory chapter to Alexis Shotwell’s 2016 book “Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times”. In Against Purity, Alexis Shotwell proposes a powerful new conception of social movements as custodians for the past and incubators for liberated futures. Against Purity undertakes an analysis that draws on theories… Read more

Indigenizing the Anthropocene—S1E1

This Read & Record episode features Zoe Todd’s 2015 article “Indigenizing the Anthropocene”. This article is featured in Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environment and Epistemology, edited by Heather Davis and Etienne Turpin and published through Open Humanities Press in 2015. In Todd’s article, she insists on an ethical relationality with Indigenous… Read more

On Petrocultures: Or, Why We Need to Understand Oil to Understand Everything Else—S1E0

Introducing the Just Powers Podcast! The Just Powers Podcast features readings and discussions of scholarly work focused on the pressing energy and environmental issues of our times. The first iteration of the podcast features a series of ‘Read & Records’ (or R&Rs) that highlight scholarly work by feminist and decolonial scholars that have informed both… Read more