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The Metadata Maze :: Reaching Across to Just Responses and Solutions

The following is a guest post by JP team member Meghan Wise (, who was instrumental in organizing our metadata processes for the Just Powers archive. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Engaging in metadata analysis can sometimes feel like throwing oneself down the rabbit hole. At first, it can feel chaotic and disorienting as you distil coherent meaning and… Read more

Reflections on Puzzling Through a Massive Media Project

“This is not about being polished on camera. It’s about puzzling through.” — M.E. Luka (from an iDoc interview in 2017) iDoc has completed approximately 103 interviews with Future Energy Systems researchers, City of Edmonton employees, artists, and activists. We’re now transitioning to another stage in the project where we’re processing all of the interview… Read more

Switching to Solar in Edmonton: a Co-op Housing Case Study

Thank you to Just Powers team member Ariel Kroon for this guest post! … When I first joined Just Powers in August 2017, I’d been living in co-op housing for just over four months. Inn Roads Housing Co-op is an independent (and very small) housing cooperative in Edmonton, located in the McCauley neighbourhood, adjacent to Little… Read more

“I Love Machines”: VISCOSITY by Theatre Yes

“I love machines” was one of the opening lines of a monologue at VISCOSITY by Theatre Yes. Just Powers was proud to be one of the sponsors of VISCOSITY, and on Tuesday, November 13th we went to check it out along with many members of our team, joining them (Dr. Mark Simpson, Dr. Angele Alook, Jordan… Read more

“Let’s Change Something Before Climate Changes Everything”

“Let’s Change Something Before Climate Changes Everything.” The City of Edmonton’s Change for Climate initiative issues this provocation, meant to compel Edmontonians into “taking action” on climate change. Just Powers attended the Change for Climate Talks at MacEwan University, where 11 speakers demonstrated how they were acting on climate change, and urged the audience to follow. Councillor Michael… Read more

Joint Statement: Idle No More, Defenders of the Land & Truth Before Reconciliation

On September 7, 2018, Defenders of the Land, the Truth Campaign, and Idle No More Networks released a statement condemning the Trudeau government’s “Federal Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada” legislation. They write, “The core of the planned federal ‘legislative framework’ is to shift bands currently under… Read more

Petrocultures: Day Four

Our last day, if you can believe it. We wrapped up with two workshop presentations. The first, of course, being the Speculative Energy Future presentation by Dr. Sheena Wilson, Dr. Natalie Loveless, and Jessie Beier. Thank you to everyone who speculated with us, and for another passionate and thoughtful discussion period! In the afternoon, Dr…. Read more

Petrocultures: Day Three

Our first workshop is complete! We were thrilled to share an introduction to Just Powers with the Petrocultures community, and to engage in some rousing discussion afterward. After some more last-minute edits, we are ready to go for our final two today: 900 to 1015 — Art, Ecology, Energy and Speculative Energy Futures, again in… Read more

Petrocultures: Day Two

A day of preparation! As a team, we were very busy attending conference presentations and running through final edits for our upcoming presentations. You’ll be able to connect with us today from 1315 to 1430 in the Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre for our session: Just Powers: Energy. Feminism. Decolonized Futures. (Dr. Sheena Wilson, Dr. Natalie… Read more

Petrocultures: Day One

We are writing to you now from the UK! Having all arrived safely in Glasgow, the Just Powers team was very excited to attend the first day of Petrocultures 2018: Transitions. Laura Watts, a poet, artist, and ethnographer from the University of Edinburgh, gave the Keynote Address, “Beside the Ocean of Energy Future Time.” Dividing… Read more