Just Powers Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Sheena Wilson, the Deep Energy Literacy Podcast brings people together to read, discuss and share research and projects that grapple with the complex issue of energy transition today.  This podcast is focused on developing deep energy literacy, an analytical lens that starts from the premise that given the overwhelming nature of today’s… Read more

Feminist Energy Futures

Feminists of all genders and backgrounds have been—and still are—at the head of environmental social justice activism in Canada and around the world. Many feminist environmental leaders are women of colour and Indigenous women, whose work and politics link issues of race, class, gender, ability and equity, with (de)colonial pasts, presents and futures.


iDoc is an intermedia documentary project that tracks energy-transition research, discussions, and developments in Alberta, Canada, and beyond. By speaking to various scholars, policy makers, activists, and community members, iDoc seeks to record, archive, and share ideas and conversations about current and future energy systems.

Speculative Energy Futures

  Speculative Energy Futures uses arts-based practices to imagine alternative futures. By grounding the project in research-creation and artistic research, we aim to bring together scholarly inquiry and creative processes to explore questions and express knowledge that is not necessarily accessible or representable in a traditional academic context. In this way, Speculative Energy Futures aims… Read more