Petrocultures 2018 Conference: TRANSITIONS

In September 2018, the Just Powers team attended the Petrocultures conference. The 2018 theme, “Transitions,” provided an integral framework for examining and extending existent framings and sitings of oil and petroculture, while also provoking considerations of the social, cultural, and aesthetic life of alternative forms of energy, such as wind, solar, and hydro power.

Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition Game

Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition is a role-playing game that enables players to explore the cultural and class politics of energy transition in Canada. This interactive game provides an opportunity to examine gamification as an instrument of spectacular participation.

Leader de Demain au féminin

Leader de demain, au féminin! is a youth leadership program for Francophone and Francophile women focused on social change and climate justice. Based on a collaboration between Coalition des femmes de l’Alberta, Next Up, and Just Powers, this pilot project provided an opportunity for women aged 18-32 to strengthen leadership skills in relation to progressive… Read more

Pikopayin (It Is Broken)

Pîkopayin (It Is Broken) is a documentary video project that foregrounds Bigstone Cree Nation members’ perspectives and insights on energy projects and activity within Treaty 8 territory.

Action-a-Day Performance Project

Action-a-Day projects are a type of instruction-based daily-practice, meant to “carve out, mould, shape, the fabric of the every day and to render it other — defamiliarised — through this chosen form, and, through this, be claimed as worthy of attention, value, and care” (Loveless 2018). Part of Feminist Energy Futures, Action-a-Day is a time-limited… Read more