Feminist R&R

Feminist R&R is shorthand for Feminist Read and Record. Currently, researchers working on this developing project are producing audio recordings of feminist scholarship that can inform the thinking of the Just Powers teams. Likewise, we hope that other feminist researchers around the world, working on wicked problems associated with climate justice and energy transition, will also find this project useful.

This project foregrounds intersectional feminist contributions that inform and inspire our understandings of power structures and how they might be disrupted in positive ways by changing energy systems and moving toward feminist and decolonial futures. To develop intersectionally feminist and socially just ways of thinking through the Energy Humanities, as well as our ways of being together in the contemporary moment, it is crucial to foreground feminist thinking able to push us toward these other ways of being. Feminist R&R uses citation as a reproductive technology (à la Sara Ahmed) to think and move through the challenges of late capitalism and late-stage petrocultures, rather than using references as mere indicators of capitalism endlessly reproducing itself. 

In practical terms, this read-and-record project aims to make available, in multiple media formats, the thinking of feminist scholars grappling with alternative futures that exceed business-as-usual models of energy transition that perpetuate the status quo. 

We read feminist and decolonial work by scholars and thinkers of all genders in an effort to move beyond our atrophied and limited imaginaries of the futures. 

In early 2019, the recordings generated by the read-and-record part of the project will be launched here. The following year, we will begin a podcast to further public discussion on socially just energy transition and futures for all. 

We welcome suggestions of current research that relate to our projects, to read-and-record, and to share with our community of researchers and the broader reading public. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please contact Dr. Sheena Wilson (sheena.wilson@ualberta.ca) and Dr. M.E. Luka (maryelizabethluka@ualberta.ca), with Jessie Beier in copy (jlbeier@ualberta.ca).

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