Action-a-Day Performances

These action-a-day projects run in collaboration with a team of researchers and community partners across Canada. 

Undertaken in the tradition of duration art, they take up different topics all aiming to expand our collective thinking around the limitations and possibilities of the present and the future. This work is organized around the central guiding idea of Just Powersthat a power shift—both literally in terms of energy transition and figuratively in terms of social justice—has the potential to reorient us toward more intersectionally feminist, decolonized, and equitable futures for all. This shift will happen incrementally over time and can begin even with everyday acts of resistance—whether they actually happen on a daily basis or as part of everyday life. As such, these action-a-day projects are located in the everyday, the space that needs to be remade if energy transition is to meet the demands of climate change.

Currently, the Just Powers researchers who run Action-a-Day projects include: Dr. Sara Dorow, Dr. Natalie Loveless, Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea, and Dr. Sheena Wilson.

These separate projects, all wrestling with the heaviness and complexities of this historical moment, are run in parallel so that we can provide emotional and intellectual support to one another as part of a politics and ethics of feminist care as research method and praxis. These action-a-day projects have yet to be publicly launched. However, they will all eventually become part of the open-access knowledge created and disseminated by this project. In the interim, feel free to contact individual researchers for more information on each of these projects and check back soon for more information!

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